Workshop Video : European Market with Shifa Raina, LIDL

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Workshop Video : European Market with Shifa Raina, LIDL

Shifa Raina from Lidl joined us for a Live Q&A on the EU Market post-covid. An insightful discussion on the new European consumer, what they're looking to buy in 2022/23 and how companies can improve virtual experiences for buyers despite affected supply chains. Full video & presentation inside.

This workshop is the fourth in our series : What Buyers Want. Over a series of masterclasses & interviews, we will be breaking down global markets for you & discussing their unique points. Previous market studies covered USA (click to view) and Scandinavia (click to view).

In today's session, we invited Shifa Raina from Lidl to help you gain insights into the European Market from a buyer's perspective. Shifa works on Product Development and Design 3D for Lidl, and with her past experience at Carrefour & Tesco, she is a true expert on what sells in EU.

We had a delightful Q&A session with her and she decoded the European consumer mentality for us, how their ageing population is affecting purchases , the pandemic effects on their shopping budgets, and what will & won't work in 2022/23. We spoke about how manufacturers can perform better in an affected supply chain, and how to find new buyers in virtual opportunities. This video is a must-watch for all businesses looking to strengthen their hold on the European region post covid, and understanding how to sell across various EU countries.

You can view the full video of the Workshop below. The video resolution auto-adjusts as per your internet quality, but you can also select the option of 720p from settings manually for better quality.

Here is the Presentation we shared during the Workshop, you can check out the topics we spoke about & head to that section of the video.



You can contact Shifa via her Linkedin profile to discus any business opportunities : Shifa Raina Linkedin


Websites to help you decode future trends using data analysis : Omnilytics, Allied Market Research & Data Intelo

In case of any viewing problems or questions, please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help!

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