Moodboards Workshop - Registrations Open

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Moodboards Workshop - Registrations Open

Learn how to decode buyer moodboards for better designs. Join us for an Online Workshop on Thursday 10 Sept 2020 at 5pm. Registrations Open.

Decoding Buyer Moodboards is one of the most crucial skills in Home exports and one that your business depends on. Export houses lose out on large orders because they were unable to interpret the client's brief correctly.

"Why are Vases and Lamp images shown in my moodboard when I manufacture cushions?"

"How do I create new designs with a theme like Sustainability, that repeats every season?"

To help Exporters and their Design team develop this important skillset, we invite you to a one-hour workshop on Zoom with us.

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This session will cover important aspects of Moodboards - the Elements to look for, Types of Boards and live examples to point out common mistakes in Design Processes that might be holding your business back.

About the Host : Supreet Raju is the founder of Texilist and one of India's foremost design experts with a decade of high level experience in Home Exports. A Gold medalist from NIFT-Delhi, she is a mentor to commercial and upcoming design talent worldwide.

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