Trend Release - Dulux Color of the Year 2021

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Trend Release - Dulux Color of the Year 2021

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Dulux has announced Brave Ground as the color for 2021. The warm, earthy tone connects us to nature & simple things in life and aims to create a safe sanctuary in these turbulent times.

"This is the mother earth of colours, it's organic, familiar and versatile. It's also trustworthy and supportive of all the other colours in the spectrum."
- Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux UK

An interesting point to note is that the color was chosen before Coronavirus and was not altered post the pandemic effects.

The Dulux Color Forecast for 2021 features three palettes - Retreat, Nourish and Reset. View the full release here.

TEXILIST TAKE : Wall color trends are critical to Home products because walls are usually the first step of a color scheme. The changing wall colors also dictate color palettes that will appear in the soft furnishings to complement the walls. With the pandemic keeping people indoors, creating calm and natural surroundings has become key to interior spaces and warm browns fit perfectly in this narrative. Brown is also flexible and allows for assorted palettes to be used in the room, making home renovations easy. Overall, this is a safe bet from Dulux because neutrals can be molded in all kinds of living spaces.

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