Trend Alert : CuraCollage

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Trend Alert : CuraCollage

The concept of valuables has moved beyond materialistic, designer purchases to health, safety and family. Our homes are now focused on sentimental value and conscious consumption. Exploring the Curio(u)s macro theme for A/W 2022/23, let's collage our new lives

CuraCollage focuses on embracing our roots and creating objects that mean something to us. From skills to objects, the younger generations have wholeheartedly embraced the lessons of slow living from their grandparents. The focus has moved away from the elite price tag to sentimental value - what it means to you.

Celebrating imperfection and maximalist living, the trend strongly promotes the idea of mindful consumption and meaningful decor. Being respectful of existing products and waste fabrics, working with local artisans, ethical and sustainable practices, are all top priorities for the new consumer.

The result? A new age mashup - unique, handcrafted pieces in limited editions, free range use of color, acceptance for recycled yarns and fabrics, and a curated collage celebrating abstract art : CuraCollage.


During the pandemic, smaller businesses and artisans were hit badly and local communities hustled hard to keep them alive. People started consciously shopping from local designers, helping them run sales and keep afloat. It also brought an increasing recognition for original design and limited runs - consumers appreciating the uniqueness of their new purchases that weren't mass market.

Alongside, millennials also bonded with the older generations and began to pick up oldschool crafts like Tie & Dye, Crochet, Knitting and Embroidery. The Grandmillenial movement brought back our love for vintage and handmade pieces, away from the modern minimalism seeping in since 2014.


At a macro level, we can see Craft capsule collections & artist collaborations popping up in the market - led by Ikea's ethical collection, Lokalt. At a micro market level, we can spot collaged woven designs and hard goods. With muted colors and strong blacks, it's a new sophisticated take on color blocking - not as childlike as earlier seasons.


CuraCollage will be an artist's delight for Autumn Winter 2022/23, allowing for complete exploration - introducing new colors, new combinations and new materials. CuraCollage has no boundaries, and will seek to create a new pinnacle for maximalist design.

Moodboard (Image credits to owners)

The key word for CuraCollage is EXPLORATION - mix, match and mismatch.

Focus on Artfully created collages & crafted decor. Celebrate the imperfection of hand techniques. Give existing products a new life with customized, add-on texture, or completely dissecting it to create new compositions.

Collaborate with local artisans with ethical & sustainable practices, and create a strong Eco-story for buyers. Attempt to take craft techniques to mass production or offer smaller, capsule editions.

For working with wovens, experiment with new color & material blocking placements to give textiles a raised dimension. This is a freestyle story so design maxa style - combining heavy wovens, surface techniques and prints within the same design.

Overall, focus on artistic expression and design objects that can nestle into someone's home as a Curio for lifetime - statement pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation.

This Trend is a part of the Macro trend : Curio(u)s, for AW 2022/23 Trends. To know more about this trend, check out our trend workshop video by clicking here.

Curio(u)s (macro trend) begins at 47.31 timestamp‌‌
CuraCollage (micro trend) begins at 49.10 timestamp

Want to know more about our trend research, or how you can work with this trend ? Reach us at if you have any questions.

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