4 ways of using Texilist

Supreet Raju
Supreet Raju
4 ways of using Texilist

Are you determined to catapult your business to the very top of the Home & Textiles industry? Wondering how to use Texilist for your business? In this article, you’ll discover four ways to make the most of your Texilist subscription.

Texilist is a powerful tool for Home textile companies to upskill their design teams and increase productivity. It specifically addresses the skill gap between theoretical knowledge and delivering commercially viable designs that can attract buyers from leading retailers.

The educational process stops for most employees when they join a company. They remain engrossed in the daily tasks of their job profile and rarely take time out to grow. Texilist allows you & your employees to keep learning, keep growing and be able to contribute to the company in a bigger way.

Here’s a quick guide on how to extract maximum value from your company's subscription :

1. Attend Masterclasses and Workshops Regularly

Fresh hires & recent college graduates may be well versed with Design theories but are unfortunately under-equipped to deal with the real industry. On the other hand, older employees get stuck in a rut with no upskilling opportunities.

Texilist conducts live & interactive workshops for commercial design. Unlike boring, pre-recorded videos that have poor learning outcomes, our live masterclasses are conducted by world-class trainers with top-tier educational and commercial credentials.

Our workshops deal with critical aspects of design & marketing like decoding client Moodboards, designing for specific markets & presenting collections to buyers.

A Trend emerges every day across the world, but it may not be relevant to your business at all. We break the clutter and present the latest RELEVANT Trends for you, along with finding you all the hidden FREE Trend Reports so you don’t have to pay for expensive Trend reports from just one source.

We offer a comprehensive trend breakdown, including its current visibility in the market and design guidance on how you can interpret the trend for future collections. Our trends are always validated across sources so you get accurate information to keep you ahead of competition.

3. Save time on Buyer Presentations

Your designs can be a complete miss if presented in a drab format to buyers. Digital Presentations are the need of the hour, but coming up with new presentations can be daunting and time-consuming. Save time and effort by using our ready Professional Presentation Templates - you can simply insert your design files into our templates, edit as needed and send to your buyers.

We offer Templates across themes - and constantly update them as per newer trends. Our templates are designed by industry experts so you won't have to worry about anything except your product designs.

4. Access Experts for Private AMA sessions

Working in a company setup with regulated roles frequently leads to tunnel vision. You may be unable to crack new clients but don’t know why. You may have a great design team but client briefs have a 95% rejection rate.

We offer one-on-one private sessions to discuss your company shortcomings and offer advice about how you can grow your business. You can set up a consultation and brainstorming session on any topic ailing your business.

These sessions are free of cost to our members (included in our paid plan) and are completely confidential.


Think of Texilist as your ally in the industry - your eyes and ears into the fast paced world of Home textiles. We believe every business has potential to crack the code to the top of the industry - and we have built Texilist to cover each potential pitfall in your current business. So, what are you waiting for ?

Click Here to know more about our subscription plans.

If you have any doubts, please reach out to us at hello@texilist.com and we can set up a call to discuss how Texilist can work for you.

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