Texpicks : Best FREE sources to discover Trends

Supreet Raju
Supreet Raju
Texpicks : Best FREE sources to discover Trends

Buyers want the latest "it" design & you end up scrambling to discover what's new, paying for expensive Trend Forecasts that can be inaccurate or irrelevant to your product. What if you could discover trends for free? Presenting Texpicks for 8 quality Free Sources to discover latest Trends.

The Home & Textile market is rooted in trends to drive all new design developments. Trends and changing consumer tastes driven by those trends mean you cannot sell the same designs again and again.

Every season, we get new buyer moodboards, that point us to a new direction. The florals changed from victorian to watercolor, and are now having a flat-lay outing, expecting to head to colorful botanicals. With each year, the motifs undergo a transformation and you don't want to stuck with collections based on a passé trend.

So how do you keep updated with the latest trends? The obvious route is Trend Agencies - there are specialists who track trends for years and release them as trend reports or season trend books. However, these can be very expensive, and sometimes completely inaccurate for your product category or market.

Another con of buying trends from a single source is that at the end of the day, it's only one opinion - and it could be out of sync with the global demand. For example, your XYZ trend book says Space prints are going to be huge, but that trend prediction is missing from all other forecasts. Now you have a full Space collection that buyers don't feel confident about.

Is there a better way? At Texilist, we strongly advise you to commit to trends only if you see them emerging from multiple sources. The trend is duly validated, and you will have a better chance at securing an order. But we don't recommend buying multiple trend forecasts for doing this.

Instead, you can follow these 8 Texpicks and discover free trend releases & tips that can help you design new collections.

Our 8 Texpicks today are agencies, marketplaces & individuals who have heavy influence on buyers and retailers. Some specialize in Macro Trends - trends and consumer mindshifts that will influence everything about the way we live, consume and shop. Some focus on Micro Trends - exact design directions for you to develop designs for.



Starting with macro trends, Wunderman Thompson is a great source that consistently discovers and delivers consumer trends to your inbox. Wunderman is not going to give you the exact pattern trend you need to follow, but will show you the big picture that can affect your whole business.

While they offer private consulting, you can read their free articles in the Insights section. What we like about Wunderman is how they can give strong and quality insights into today's consumers, and eventually use those to create better selling collections.

WEBSITE : www.wundermanthompson.com
FOLLOW : Linkedin & Instagram


Are you surprised to see WGSN under free sources? While WGSN largely runs in a paid format, there is an impactful part of their content that can be viewed for free, including sneak peeks of upcoming trends.

For Macro trends, head to WGSN Insider, their official blog, which will give you a great summary of what's evolving in the market. You can also access their Color predictions for free, released in association with Coloro. Their most recent release is for Spring Summer 2023 (read here). Alongside, WGSN also releases Free Trend Reports routinely, which come to your email inbox so do sign up for that.

FOLLOW : Instagram


Trend Bible is a Trend Agency, releasing forecasts for various seasons, as well as festive specials. While the actual books cost upwards of £1,200, you can download a free demo and get a small hints. They have recently unveiled Spring Summer 2023, which you can check out here.

They have also launched a free Home & Interiors membership, which you can check out by clicking here. The section features articles & trend trackers, which can help you gauge where the macro trends are going.

WEBSITE : www.trendbible.com
FOLLOW : Instagram


Amongst the world’s most famous trend forecasters, Lidewij Edelkoort is considered a definitive voice on what works. While she works across diverse industries from food & cosmetics to retail, Lidewij has great grasp and influence on the Home & Textiles market too. She is the founder of trend tools like View on Colour, InView and Bloom, and there is no doubt about her trend prowess.

While Lidewij does a lot of private consulting and paid trend books (the Lifestyle book comes annually), we recommend checking out Trend Tablet for free trend info.

PERSONAL WEBSITE : www.edelkoort.com
TREND TABLET : www.trendtablet.com
FOLLOW : Lidewij's Instagram

Gudy Herder is the heart and soul of Eclectic Trends, offering a multitude of Trend Reports, Trend lectures, articles and resources to help you along. She is based in Spain, so expect a lot of inputs for the European Market.

She also emails a Wednesday Journal to your inbox for free, which is something we highly recommend signing up for. The insights are interesting, and definitely tickle the design bones.

WEBSITE : www.eclectictrends.com
FOLLOW : Gudy's personal Instagram


Patternbank is a global marketplace for Textiles & Patterns, and with such close proximity to creators and designers, a great source for trend directions. Operating since 2012, they offer designs for B2B purchasing but their trend reports are accessible to all.

They have an inhouse Trends team who keenly explore all facets of our cultural mindsets to advise designers on what to make, and buyers on what will sell. There is no fixed pattern of their Trend Flashes, so we recommend checking them routinely or following them on Instagram to stay updated.

WEBSITE : patternbank.com/trends
FOLLOW : Instagram


Pattern Curator was founded by Kristine Go in 2014, and works as a full-service trend and print studio. They are probably the most structured and consistent website for Trend Moodboards, which are uploaded for free. If you want more information and insight on the moodboard, you can sign up for their paid plans.

While Pattern Curator will not delve deep into why the trend is coming up, or trend validation, they note the season and color palette for each moodboard. Since they offer design boards, not every board is valid for Home - but it's definitely quality inspiration.

MOODBOARDS : www.patterncurator.com/blog
FOLLOW : Pinterest & Instagram


If you're looking specifically at the Scandinavian market, Stefan Nilsson is your guy. Running the popular Trend Stefan since 2006, he is a very respected voice in the Nordic region and covers macro influences in the region.

We recommend reading his insights on his website to get great insights into how Scandinavians are thinking and consuming. He also covers a lot of local events and businesses, which can be very insightful for you - like having eyes on the ground.

WEBSITE : https://trendstefan.se/
FOLLOW : Instagram

So that sums up our Texpicks for today, hopefully giving you some trend sources you've never heard of before and who can help you kickstart your designing for the new season. If you are worried about spotting outdated trends while following these free sources, here's a great read to help you out : Trend or End.

Once you have your grasp on how trends evolve in the market today, spotting trends can become one of your key strengths and the differentiating factor between you & your competition.

Want to learn more about trends ? Go check out our workshop video on How to Spot Trends. If you wish to discuss more about trends, email us at hello@texilist.com and we will set up a private session for you.

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