Does your Company Website work for buyers? Take the Test!

Supreet Raju
Supreet Raju
Does your Company Website work for buyers? Take the Test!

B2B businesses are making massive connections online now, & your website is your first impression. Let's find out if your company website is actually designed to impress buyers and get your their contact details. Take our test & see how you score.

Before you take this quiz, there are a few non-negotiables for any B2B Company website. If your company website has any of the three problems below, we don't recommend you go forward :

  1. Pixellated images or company logo
  2. Spelling & grammar errors in your copy
  3. Non-responsive buttons

Any of these three will completely shoot the chances of your website being successful, so the quiz loses it's meaning. We recommend making sure these 3 aspects are in place before grading your website.

Now to the Quiz...

We have designed a special 11 point quiz, with a bonus 12th point for you to bag. Each parameter earns you 1 point, so keep jotting your answers on the side and add up the total in the end to know where you stand.

Let's get started!

+1 Point if your Domain is .com

As one of the original and now the largest top-level domain, we are all mentally attuned to typing ".com" after any name/business we tend to search. Buyers might remember your business name from an exhibition booth they'd met you at, or an event brochure, and will search for your company name expecting a .com extension.

Owning your business name's ".com" identity is extremely important to not lose any buyers in transit. Already made a website on a different extension ? No problem. Still buy the .com & redirect the link to your website.

+ 1 Point if every page has a CTA

CTA or Call to Action is the prompt on your website that tells the visitor to take some specified action. Every page on your website should encourage the buyer/agent to take an action, which in this case, is to contact you. In B2B websites, acquiring leads is a tedious, expensive process and so, wasting any lead is an absolute no-no.

Not just your homepage, but every page should have a CTA so that the buyer can reach you with ease. Don't have all your CTA buttons on the homepage, but nothing for the buyer to act upon in your portfolio section. Every chance to convert your lead counts.

+ 1 Point if your Loading time is under 3 Seconds

No one likes a slow loading website. Not you, and not your buyer. With the quality of global internet and fast paced lives, you are only going to get a limited time frame to grab a visitor's attention. Speed is everything.

If your website does not load in a maximum of 3 seconds, a lot of people will assume its a non-functional link and they will simply shut the window. It wouldn't matter how gorgeous your heavy-graphics loaded website is if no one stays around to see it.

+1 Point for Mobile Friendly

Everyone is on their smartphones all day. From being a small personal communication gadget, it's now our entire life in a 3 x 6 inch. Buyers are noting ideas on their phones, making rapid google searches, and researching all their needs on their phones.

If a buyer finds you via their phone, you must offer them the same quality of experience as your web version. Your website must be optimised not just to open on a mobile, but designed to be mobile friendly (this includes resizing columns, text and images).

+1 if you Showcase your Designs

What is the difference between you and the next search result the buyer found ? Your designs. While browsing through the many search results, it will be your designs that will actually register in the buyer's mind, and force them to come back to contact you.

Don't have a boring text-heavy website, which forces your buyer into information-overload. The human eye responds much better to visuals, so showcase some of your designs to set yourself apart. We don't say you have to unlock all your designs or your latest collection. But be generous enough to give them a glimpse of some of your quality artworks.

+1 for Quality Photos & not Stock Images

A good company website has photos that convey the ground reality and show your company as a true standing business. Quality photos shot by professionals go a long way in making your business legit. Your company processes, product photoshoots & team photos should be clicked, rather than stock photos (this does not include mockups).

Using foreigner office photography & interior images implying products that are not really yours, is unappetizing to any visitor. Firstly, the buyer might spot the same images somewhere else, and secondly, they would doubt your legitimacy.

+1 if your Contact Form is crisp

Add a point if your contact form is crisp and concise - having a minimum number of fields required for a person to convey their message to you.

Don't have a long drawn form for the buyer to fill out. Every field added to your contact form significantly reduces the chance of anyone filling it out. Don't be greedy with data. Try to capture them first. Once you have their basic details or a call set up, the remaining data will make it's way to you.

+ 1 if you don't autoplay Audio / Video

If your website features any audio or video - whether it is about your company, or your latest collection launch, it must run only when prompted. Autoplayed audio & videos are one of the biggest reasons for people exiting a website.

People open websites in any space, at any time. A sudden noise can be jarring and the immediate reflex is to close the culprit window. While it's okay to feature A/V, you must leave it to the buyer to decide whether and when he wants to view it.

+1 if you have a Security Certificate

Security certificates are extremely important and an unsecured website can give the worst first impression to any buyer. If their web browser prompts them to reconsider their visit to your website by drawing attention to your security certificate, you would immediately lose that visitor.

No one will ever access a website once their browser gives them a warning about security issues. Everyone is wary of viruses, and a "Not secure" symbol is a good enough reason for buyers to shut your website page.

+1 if you show up on Google page 1

Give yourself a massive point if you show up in the first 2 pages of Google Searches for keywords associated with your business. Suppose you are a towel exporter from India who specializes in beach towels for the European market - each of these words should be optimized in your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make sure the buyer finds you before your competition.

Any Google searcher tends to fade out after checking out 3-4 pages (at best) of the suggested results, so make sure you are in the top results so you are always visible to people looking for you.

+1 if you have set up Analytics

A website is meaningless if you don't spend time understanding what it is doing for your business and how it can get you better leads. Add 1 point if you are in control of your website, and have proper analytics in place.

Website analytics like Google can tell you so much about who is visiting your website, which regions and countries are interested, what is your audience like, what keywords are working for you, how are people finding you etc. If you don't analyse your traffic, you will never know whether your website is actually working to it's potential or not.


If you were searching for suppliers for your company, and came across your website, would you be tempted to contact the concerned person ? Give yourself 1 point if you honestly feel your website would impress you enough to leave your contact details.


Alright, so now that we're done with our quiz points, let's find out how you did. Our questions allow for a maximum of 11 (+1 bonus point). Add up your points and see where you stand.

0 - 3 Points : D Grade

There isn't much difference in not having a website, and having your website. Infact, this patchy online persona is doing you more harm than good. You are in the need for some big, big changes if you are looking to catch any buyer's attention. Treat it like an emergency.

4-6 Points : C Grade

You have a website, but it's doing a half-baked job for you. Your web presence is not designed to convert buyer leads for you, and attracting potential buyers is going to be extremely hard. Don't expect quality results from this website unless you amp it up.

7 - 9 Points :  B Grade

Your company website has definite potential and with a few small tweaks, you can easily move into a fully optimized mode. You have most of your online presence in place, and can budget for small spends to improve the buyer's experience.

10 & Above : A Grade

Your company website is on point and you have mastered the online B2B game. Your website is conveying everything a buyer needs to know, getting them to initiate an action and contact you. You have created the perfect first experience for a new buyer to come searching for you, and get to know you. Great job!

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