Workshop Alert -Digital Business Strategy

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Workshop Alert -Digital Business Strategy

Coronavirus has changed Buyer & Business interactions forever. Discover new business strategies in the online space with our Workshop on Sunday 20 Sept 2020 at 5pm. Registrations Open.

We're living in strange, strange times. The Pandemic has halted 2020 - and home textile businesses are seeing vast loss of revenue due to event cancellations, no buyer meetings and no new orders.

The need of the hour is to go Digital. You need a Digital business strategy ASAP.
But how can the tactile expression of fabric be translated into the digital world without compromise ?

To help you take your Home Textile Business online, we invite you to a one-hour workshop on Zoom with us.

Workshop Session Expired

This session will cover Digital Strategies for a Home textile business, how to create your digital presence and what a Home Textile business website needs. We will look at ways to protect your new designs from copycats and still be accessible to serious buyers. We will also have a live Q&A session at the end of the session.

About the Host : Supreet Raju is the founder of Texilist and one of India's foremost design experts with a decade of high level experience in Home Exports. A Gold medalist from NIFT-Delhi, she is a mentor to commercial and upcoming design talent worldwide.

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