Coloro + WGSN announce Colors for Spring Summer 2023

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Coloro + WGSN announce Colors for Spring Summer 2023

Kickstarting the new season directions, Coloro & WGSN have released 5 key colors for Spring Summer 2023, as well as the Color of the Year. Let's find out what they are, and how they will influence design in 2023.

Coloro & WGSN have released the 5 key colors for SS 2023, and declared Digital Lavender as the Color of the Year for 2023. The other four colors for the spring-summer palette are Sundial, Luscious Red, Tranquil Blue & Verdigris.

"Our S/S 23 key colors have been chosen for a world that will be waking up and adjusting after a long period of restriction and uncertainty. As consumers find their feet, these colors will connect to feelings of optimism, hope, stability and balance. Healing habits will become part of everyday life as consumers face new challenges, and recuperation rituals will place a new focus on colors that feel restorative and supportive of physical and mental health."

-Official Statement by Coloro

2023 will have major focus on Recovery.
Recovering our physical & mental Health, battered by this pandemic via organic farming and natural healing.
Recovering our Economy, creating impactful businesses that drive sustainability and create a low-impact, circular economy.

The Coloro WGSN color story taps into our revived interaction with nature in all it's glory, while also acknowledging the unprecedented digital growth, spurred by Work-from-home. As people continue to find newer ways to express themselves in virtual worlds and anonymity, stimulating colors will drive the positive message forward.

Let's have a look at the 5 Key Colors declared for Spring Summer 2023 :


Stability • Balancing • Healing • Wellbeing

Declared as the Color of the Year, Digital Lavender is a sensorial and positive color choice for 2023. With a nod to the growing influence of virtual world, this shade strikes the right balance between holistic healing and progressing forward - something the world will definitely strive for.

This effervescent hue will also appear in the Autumn-Winter palette for 2023/24, as is the norm for the Color of the Year title, so you can expect to see lots of Lavender influences across seasons.


Organic • Authentic • Humble • Grounded


Hyper-Real • Immersive • Sensorial • Energy


Calm • Clarity • Still • Harmonious


Retro • Invigorating • Digital • Test of time


Spring-Summer 2023 sees a massive movement in color from the 2022 palettes. The Color of the Year 2022, Orchid Flower passes on the baton to Digital Lavender, which shows the continuation of purple as a prime influencer.

The Yellow story gets more grounded & earthy, moving from vibrant Mango tones to Sundial. We predict the AW 23/24 palette to feature a warmer, deeper yellow going towards more earth tones/browns.

The Blue story continues to be popular, but grows lighter & brighter as we seek better times. The deepness of the Atlantic Ocean & Lazuli is fading out, as we transition to tranquil, clearer waters.

The Green story, on the other hand, is losing it's yellow tinges and becoming more powerful and dominant as a pure green hue. The inspiration for Green continues to come from natural sources, but moving towards turquoise & cold greens.

The big color making a comeback is Luscious Red, which has already been gaining immense popularity in Fashion & Home. The showstopper color in the SS 2023 palette, Red is definitely here to stay, and we will definitely be expecting a deeper hue in the AW 23/24 key colors.


Traditional forecasting takes extensive research & many moving parts. Predictions are made 2 years in advance, and worked on for a year prior. This makes adapting to current situations extremely tough and WGSN+Coloro definitely faced this problem with the AW 22/23 release. The 5 key colors were predicted without accounting for the massive upheaval caused by COVID-19, and the forecast was unable to adapt to this unexpected challenge. The colors felt disjointed and out of sync with the new normal.

The SS 2023 forecast by Coloro & WGSN feels like their first forecast keeping the pandemic in mind. Which is why there are some dramatic shifts of color, tipping to the new consumer concerns and healing from these turbulent times. Shades of Lavender are already beginning to pop up on the runway, and we expect to see a lot of this shade in fashion by SS 2022 itself, so calling it for SS23 could be a little delayed. It will be interesting to see this color of the year transition to winter, but for now, this is definitely looking like a fun, summer story you can take inspiration from.

Catch the full video released by Coloro for the SS 2023 colors - click here
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