Coloro + WGSN announce Colors for Autumn Winter 2022/23

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Coloro + WGSN announce Colors for Autumn Winter 2022/23

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Coloro & WGSN have released the key colors for Autumn Winter 2022/23 - Orchid Flower, Honeycomb, Lazuli Blue, Jade and Dark Oak.

"AW 22/23, a story of positivity and indulgence. A period of crisis has refocused our thoughts on what we value most and encouraged us to reset. Time with friends and family feels more precious and possessions have deeper meaning."
- Isabelle Coates, WGSN

As people restart their lives with positive attitudes & seizing each day, there is also a desire to indulge in small luxuries - something everyone gave up on in the pandemic.

The colors create an authentic, rich mood and grounded optimism. The most telling feature about this palette is that all 5 color tones are derived from natural resources. As discussed in our Trend workshop, Nature will play a very important role in inspiring us to be resilient and optimistic. The chosen colors are natural and unadulterated - key words going forward.


Positivity • Escape from reality • Small luxuries • Contrast & Impact


Warmth • Nourishment • Protection & Preservation • Bright spirit


Health & Healing • Tranquility • Historical origins • Royalty


Protective Energy • Peaceful • Balance • Purification & Healing


Heritage • Resilience • Strength & Longevity • Safe Earth


The color palette moves seamlessly from Spring-Summer to Autumn-Winter and we can see shades moving towards darker tones while retaining their warmth. The SS colors were derived from nature and natural resources as well, so we can see the whole Nature story tying together as we change seasons.

Shades like Butter move towards Honeycomb and Atlantic Blue progresses to Lazuli Blue. On the other side, Olive Oil and Mango Sorbet, signature summer colors, transition into Jade & Dark Oak - for A/W richness and depth.

You can view our full Spring-Summer analysis here.

Transition from Spring-Summer to Autumn-Winter

Click here to view the colors release video.
Click here to view WGSN's blog report on the colors.

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