Workshop Alert : Color Masterclass

Team Texilist
Team Texilist
Workshop Alert : Color Masterclass

Color is the most critical factor for succeeding in the Home & Textile industry. Poor color selection can ruin the best of designs. Join us for the ultimate Color Masterclass on Thursday, 25 February 2021 at 5pm, to improve your color-pairing skills & create color stories that sell.

Color is one of the biggest factors in converting sales. A great design can be completely cancelled out by poor color selection. A beautiful collection can be ruined by using the wrong background colors in the buyer presentation. As an industry relying heavily on color, we must know how to use color palettes effectively & create impactful products.

Join us for a Texilist Color Masterclass, where we will introduce you to colors, and break down the impact of color selection on your designs. We will discuss how you can create & decode color palettes, make good colorways, and some hacks for acing your color game. This workshop is not just for the design team, but helpful for marketers & merchandisers too.

In this masterclass, we will cover :
• Introduction to Colors
• Impact of color on your design
• Color Dominance & Color Context
• Creating a Color Story that sells
• How to extract colors from a Moodboard
• How to make good Colorways
• Best Softwares & Apps for Color

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  1. How to use Zoho for the workshop?
    Upon registering, you will get an access link to the workshop. You can use the link to enter the workshop at the appointed time via your browser (Google, Safari etc) or Zoho app on your mobile.
    It works in the same way as Zoom essentially.

  2. Privacy during Workshop : I don't want others to see me ?
    We are running our workshops in a webinar format so you can attend it with privacy. Participants cannot interact with each other, and questions can be raised via chat. If you face any problems in asking your questions, please write to us at as we will resolve it.

  3. Can my employees join the workshop too?
    As Texilist is a company subscription, we encourage you to bring any employees you feel will benefit from the topic of the session. You can simply share the link with them to sign up.

  4. What if I miss the workshop/cannot attend due to work?
    We recommend attending the session live so you get a chance to ask Q&A's at the end of each session and get full clarity. But incase it's not possible for you, we will be uploading the full video after each workshop as well.

If you are facing any issue in signing up or attending the workshops, please connect with us at & we will be happy to sort it out for you.

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