Meet the Texilist

Supreet Raju - Founder

Supreet Raju is an Award winning Designer, faculty and Textile expert.  A Gold medallist from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, she has advised leading businesses and brands across the world on all things textile - from product designs to exhibition displays.

Supreet has worked across the Home industry - including showcases for Ministry of Textiles and the Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC). Her work has found critical acclaim and sold millions of units across retailers like Debenhams, Walmart & Nordstrom.  

With a unique blend of academic knowledge, commercial design & industry experience, Supreet & her team built Texilist - a platform to educate and mentor the next generation of Business owners, Designers and Marketers across the Home Textile industry.

After the success of Texilist, Supreet has moved onto a completely new challenge in the blockchain industry. She has co-founded OneRare - the world's first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. Helping to build adoption for a new technology & educating users with their first experience into Web3, OneRare raised $2.3 Million and is currently in-development.

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