6 ways to equip your Business for 2021

Supreet Raju
Supreet Raju
6 ways to equip your Business for 2021

2020 is definitely a year most businesses want to forget. But how about embracing 2021 with better tools to grow your business? Texilist offers 6 quick ways to make sure you step into 2021 with your most professional foot forward.

As we step into a new year, we must stand up to the challenges of 2021 and equip our business with the right tools to succeed.

While there is a lot you have had to quickly learn and adapt with in the "New Normal", 2021 will be a whole new playing game. There is the hope of a vaccine, and yet we are still far away from normalcy as we knew it.

So how can you grow your business heading into 2021 ? Texilist presents 6 simple hacks for starting the next year with a bang.

1. Embrace the power of going Digital

First & foremost, your business has to adapt digitally. While some of you may have sat back in March & considered waiting it out for the pandemic to pass, we are now at the cusp of a new year. You cannot wait any longer. You must embrace the new way of doing business and grow virtually.

For some, that means setting up their first competent website. For others, its about escalating social media to attract buyers. You might budget for a Virtual showroom with the money saved from cancelled B2B fairs. You definitely want to improve the quality of your Buyer Presentations.

We have broken down all aspects of Digital Presence & Digital Presentations for you in a special workshop video.

ACCESS : Digital Presentations video

Every year and every season cycle brings some new trends into the market. Global news, lifestyle changes, shifting mindsets all seep into the consumer's purchasing decisions. While some may have smaller impact on home & textile designs (like Brexit), others become Macro Trends that influence collections for years to come (sustainability and climate change).

2020 was an unprecedented year, that no one saw coming. It threw all traditional rend reports for a toss, and new trends were validated in the pandemic. You must study the macro and micro trends going forward - and apply them to your collections. Even if there is a buyer brief, your knowledge of trends will allow you to offer them an extra edge - and improve your chances of approval.

ACCESS : Trends 2021/22 Video

3. Understand the types of Buyers & how to sell to them

People often talk about the importance of design and good design. A lot of money and resources is spent on hiring better designers, accessing trend forecasts, and creating elaborate collections. But all of that can come to nought if you don't understand your buyer.

Buyers are the lifeline for manufacturers. And while they may represent a large contingent of consumers, they are human at the end of the day. There are different buyer personalities, and cracking their personality type may be the key to getting re-orders from them. So always know your Buyer.

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4. Organize your Design Library

In a sea of manufacturers, what is the difference between you & your competitor next door ? It’s your designs. While your competitor might be using the same cotton fabric, he does not have your aesthetic & that’s your key to winning that order.

Now think about all the designs made and buried in hard drives, only for the themes to be redesigned again & again. Your design team might be getting a Greenery brief every year, but the lack of a Library makes them spend quality working hours in redesigning motifs. You must organize a Design Library for greater efficiency & Texilist teaches you exactly how to get it done.

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5. Assess new opportunities : Home Office

Home office by Actiu

Like we said, 2020 was a year like no other. From a world buzzing & rushing through life, the pandemic halted us in our tracks and the human consumption will never be the same again.

As a manufacturer, you must innovate in such dystopian times to stay afloat, or even better, sense the opportunity and grow your footprint. Assess the new opportunities and emerging product categories from the pandemic. While some may be temporary (like masks & medical kits), we reckon there are some permanent lifestyle changes like Work-from-home that are creating new products in the market. Don't miss the boat.

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6. Learn new tools : Canva

As the world went digital, the Home & Textile industry realized how far we had strayed from embracing technology. Our industry never tried to go digital, and the pandemic just push businesses into digital acceleration.

Going into 2021, your business will be even more reliant on Digital tools and technology to win you orders. Whether it is virtual showrooms or better websites, or creating a social media presence, you must learn new tools.

If we had to recommend just one tool to begin with, it has to be Canva - its a simple drag & drop tool (usable by marketers & non-designers) with pre-made layouts and aesthetics. Our Canva masterclass can teach you the basics in 1 hour.

ACCESS : Canva Masterclass video

So that sums up our 6 top picks for helping you begin 2021 with your best foot forward. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead from our entire team at Texilist !

Please connect with us at hello@texilist.com or +91 9716403333 to know more about Texilist & our membership plans.

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