4 Types of Templates that work for Buyer Presentations

Supreet Raju
Supreet Raju
4 Types of Templates that work for Buyer Presentations

Losing out on orders due to poor presentation skills ? It is hard to get a Buyer's attention in digital exchanges. Step up your Buyer Presentation game - Here's a look at 4 Templates that always work in the Home & Textile Industry.

As the world moves to digital interactions, your business is directly dependent on the first impression your Digital Presentations make on a buyer. You may be showcasing a great collection, but poor presentation styles can mean your buyer loses interest & you miss out on an order.

Every collection you design must be presented with the same love & effort that your Design team put in making the designs. However, with fast-paced deadlines, it is not always possible for your designers to customize each presentation. In certain cases, it is your Marketing team that prepares the Buyer presentations and does not have the same creative streak.

How do we fix this?
Introducing Texilist Buyer Presentation Templates

Texilist Templates are designed for the Home Industry - catering to Textiles & Products specifically to our industry. Designers can use them to quickly insert their designs, whereas Marketers can work without the stress of designing a presentation. The templates can be downloaded as CDR, PPT & PDF - so you can work on a software comfortable for you.

It may be very easy to source templates online for free, BUT unfortunately they are sales & marketing presentations for the corporate world. They do not have the aesthetic or colors to enhance your products. We at Texilist believe that your designs deserve the best showcase, that takes your collection to the next level.

Now let's talk about Template Themes. With buyer moodboards coming in every week & going on tight deadlines, you cannot customize presentations for each client.

But here's a Texilist hack for you - you can cover most of your collections within 4 types of Template Themes. Let's break them down :


When in doubt, go Neutral. Black & White are classic and fan favorites when it comes to design. These colors have no season, no year and no fad - they're timeless.

Another reason we love our Black Blanc template is that it allows us to showcase all kinds of designs and color palettes. You can use it for an understated Grey Graphic collection OR you can go all out and use it for a bright, pop-kitsch collection.

You can use this template blindly for 99% of your collections, and they will look modern & chic. Download the full Black Blanc Template.


The quintessential summer story, most companies will have some orders for a Nautical collection every year. Soothing blues and white make Nautica a great background for Monochrome & Bright palettes.

Its a great classic theme for categories like Beach Towels, outdoor linen & beach accessories. This template will also work for your Denim collections or any Kids collection you have (targeting the infants/boys category).

Texilist Tip : Subtle blues will always help enhance your designs so don't use saturated blues in backgrounds. Download the full Nautica Template.


The evergreen theme that goes round and round, and turns up every year on the Trend table. All things Natural, All things Earth. As people reconnect with Nature, you will get a lot of buyer briefs for handmade, neutral and rustic collections.

The Rustic Template is perfect for any Brown/Warm stories you are designing. Soft, faded textures and raw wooden finishes can enhance the look of any eclectic and textural collection. It's an easy pick for whenever you are confused about your presentation style as wood is a great complement to textiles.

You will be turning to this template more times than you think!
Download the full Rustic Living Template.


Foliage, greenery & organic green tones have been around for a while in our designs. With heavy Trend predictions for Green-interiors in 2021/22, designers will be creating a lot of Nature inspired designs.

The Wilderness template shows the perfect balance for presenting Green designs in a modern manner. With textured neutral backgrounds and hand-drawn elements, these templates can work for any Forest, Garden or Organic collection.

Texilist Tip : Green collections don't mean Green layouts. Use backgrounds that enhance the Greens, not distract from them. Download the full Wildnerness Template.

So that sums up our 4 Essentials.
Black & White for all your Modern, Graphic collections.
Nautica for all your Summer blue collections.
Rustic Living for all your Warm & brown stories.
And Wilderness for all your Forest & Garden stories.

We reckon these 4 templates can cover all your Buyer presentation needs. If not, there's always Texilist Templates Library which features new Templates every week. Each template has 17-18 custom slides, so you can show your product in the best way possible.

Want to know more about how you can access these Templates ? Our entire Library is accessible with a simple company subscription. Contact us at hello@texilist.com to know more.

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