11 Commandments for Powerpoint Buyer Presentations

Supreet Raju
Supreet Raju
11 Commandments for Powerpoint Buyer Presentations

Buyer Presentations is your biggest visual tool for cracking orders in these virtual times & your Marketing team must create designer Powerpoint Presentations. So how can you create stunning PPTs without a design degree? Here are 11 Do's and Dont's to make your collection shine & crack orders.

Covid-19 has forced companies to become more agile, have departments multitask and discover new skills for efficiency. For the Marketers in B2B companies, this means letting go of real-life buyer interactions at the big trade shows and foreign trips - and settling for creating a good impression virtually.

While traditionally Product Presentations went to the Design team, softwares like the good ol' Microsoft Powerpoint give Marketers and Merchandisers a chance to upskill and create their own Buyer Presentations. This reduces the workload on the design team, and makes the marketer more independent in his pitch process to the buyers. At Texilist, we are strong believers that Presentations are the domain of marketers and they can easily master Powerpoint for creating designer PPTs.

We have already covered Digital Presentations & Powerpoint for Presentations in our workshops, so today we are going to jump right into the key points to make your presentation stand out (and don't worry, you do not need to have graphic design proficiency to create impactful PPTs).

Here are 11 Do's & Don'ts for creating amazing Powerpoint Presentations :

DO Create a Story

Your presentation has to hold the interest & attention of the buyer. Weave a narrative that keeps them engrossed. Think about a cover page that teases the vibe of the collection to follow. Design pages to carry the theme forward, with motifs and background. And don't end abruptly - have an end page with your contact information so the buyer can contact you easily.

DON'T have too many Slides

While it is crucial to show the buyer a full range of products, do understand the power of curation. Designs must be carefully chosen from your initial ideas, and only the most powerful and unique designs should make it to your Powerpoint. Don't put too many slides - they risk feeling repetitive or overwhelming to your buyer. And don't crowd your slides - let each design shine through.

DO Feature a Moodboard

Moodboards are a great way to introduce your collection. If the buyer shared a brief with you for this collection, put their moodboard so it gives them a nice recall about what they were looking to see in the designs. If you are taking the brief to a new level, or creating a collection from your own trend source, create a moodboard that best defines your collection. This gives the buyer a peek into your design methodology & elevates your process.

DON'T use Pixellated images

The biggest turn-off for any buyer is pixellated images in a digital presentation. Whether it is a reference/inspiration image, a poor photoshoot or mockup, or exported design jpeg, pixels can be your biggest enemy. Always make sure your images and mockups are high quality and show your design perfectly. Pixelated images imply copied-from-the-internet, shoddy work and take away from your choice at getting the design selected (because they cannot make out the details).

DO Sort Designs

Sometimes, Digital Presentation can run into many, many pages because you are presenting many product categories or wooing a new buyer. Fear not, you can overcome the problem of many by simply sorting your designs and creating an index/contents page - list the page numbers or divide the PPT into sections, so the buyer can navigate easily. Sort by techniques (print/woven) or by product category (living/dining/kitchen/bath).

DON'T use distracting Colors

Every design collection is inspired by a Color Palette - and you can make sure your presentation looks good but sticking to the same colors. For marketers making presentations, this is the safest way of ensuring a good-looking PPT. Use the colors of the palette & avoid using distracting colors that take away from your product. Always remember, the product must shine. Using colors from the palette will ensure cohesion & allow the designs to pop. When in doubt, stick to white, gray or beige.

DO plan for Backgrounds

Certain designs and collections can look aesthetically much more pleasing on textured & printed backgrounds. Instead of using a plain white standard PPT background, get creative and download backgrounds that can help enhance the design. Think about the collection theme (for example, old paper for rustic woven designs) or the product category (bathroom tile textures for towels). Always work in contrast - the design should not end up merging into the background.

DON'T use random Animations

The biggest fun feature of PPT presentations in college was Animations. Getting something to Swivel In, and Bounce Out. However, such exuberance might be very excessive for a professional buyer presentation. Sometimes, we do need to add a soft animation to keep the buyer's interest - but you must be very careful while using this Microsoft feature. If in doubt, don't use any animations.

Poor animation choices can ruin a great Presentation

DO send files as PDF

We can sometimes spend hours creating the perfect presentation for our buyer. Choosing custom font, background music, picture cropping - there's a heavy backend process. Lets compare it to an exam sheet. You never submit your rough homework for evaluation, you always show the final result. Similarly, you must send a locked PDF or PPS file to your buyer with only the final result. Don't send open files that distort fonts on opening, or create any errors. Keep a clean experience for the buyer.

DON'T send heavy files

Sometimes we end up adding a LOT of designs to our PPTs, along with inspiration images & moodboards, that make our files very bulky. Emailing such files to Buyers is an absolute No-Go. You must work on compressing your file to the bare minimum so that the Buyer does not hesitate in viewing or downloading your file. Use optimized images & remove bulky backgrounds. A heavier file means lesser views as it will get auto-flagged by antivirus softwares.

DO use Templates for faster results

Using Templates is the fastest way of creating your Digital Presentation. Templates are designed by professional graphic designers, where someone has already spent hours creating a perfect layout, choosing appropriate images and fonts. It saves you the time and trouble for having to design a blank presentation. Templates are also great for marketers who lack design education - making it the ultimate cheat tool to impress your buyers.

Check out the Texilist Templates Gallery to download Buyer Presentation Templates for free.
Texilist Templates are included in your subscription, and you are free to download template files in PPT, CorelDraw or PDF Formats for editing & use.

This rounds up our check list for making Powerpoint Presentations. Follow these 11 commandments and you will end up with a stunning Buyer Presentation without much added effort.

Not so proficient with Microsoft Powerpoint ? View our Powerpoint Masterclass video and presentation, where we teach you all about the software and how to create quality presentations.

Want to discuss your current presentation quality ? Schedule a free session with us and get honest feedback & some quick one-on-one tips. Book a slot Here or Email me at supreet@texilist.com to set up a private consult. (included in your membership)

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